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    Complete Oral Healthcare

    Since 2004, Go Dental Clinic (a part of Dr. Joy Dental Clinics), believes in using the latest methods and modern dental technology to deliver high-quality dental care. We are sincerely devoted to providing the best oral health care to all of our patients. Your comfort and dental needs are always a top priority at Go Dental Clinic. This is evident in our approach towards each individual, as we cater to their unique needs by providing each patient with a personalized treatment plan.

    Meet Our Team

    Our team of internationally trained doctors are dedicated to your care, ensuring that you are relaxed and comfortable throughout the entire treatment process.


    Our Services

    We provide a full range of dental services including routine dental checkups, dental cleaning sessions, fillings, crowns, teeth whitening, implants, porcelain veneers, smile makeovers, orthodontic treatment, gum treatment and so much more!

    Patient Testimonials

    My experience was nothing but excellent. The doctor was professional, extremely competent and confident which rubs off on you. I will not hesitate to visit Go Dental Clinic again or to recommend it without any reservation. It is really good in terms of pain-free treatment.
    Anabelle Flores
    I visited the Oral Surgeon at the clinic for a couple of wisdom teeth extractions. The procedure was done in a very professional manner. I did not even feel the second tooth being removed. I also came back for a root canal. I had a couple of root canals done in the past but nothing compares to the finesse of the procedure done at Go Dental Clinic. The root nerve extraction was done with minimal pain and after the procedure I did not require any pain killers. The doctor was very descriptive and prepared me for what to expect. Go Dental Clinic is surely the best dental clinic that I have been to till date. Highly recommended!
    Arjun Patel
    I had a very complicated situation: Severe pain out of the blue, extremely narrow tooth canals and on top of that, there was a piece of a medical instrument left in one of my root canals from one of my prior treatments at another clinic. I am so happy that my treatment went smoothly at Go Dental Clinic. Also, the girls at the reception desk are very friendly, efficient and professional. I'm truly happy with the treatment and service provided.
    Kris Ramos
    I am really happy with my overall treatment. It was swift and brilliantly done. The doctor and nurse were extremely kind and understanding and answered all of my questions. My wishes were taken into consideration and at each appointment, I was shown my progress which was very motivating. I highly recommend this clinic and the dentists here for any dental issues as they handled my dental problems efficiently.
    Nicholas D’souza
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