9 Tips to get over your dental anxiety

Dental phobia or dentophobia is the fear of dentists or undergoing dental procedures. So, are you someone having a fear of visiting the dentist? Why does it occur, and how can you overcome your dental anxiety?

People experience dental phobia due to various reasons. They can be due to fear of pain, injections, previous side effects of anesthesia, and many more, and often, they find excuses for not visiting the dentists.

How to Overcome Dental Anxiety

1. Opening Up

Starting by admitting it as a problem help you understand the reason for your fear and find solutions on your own to cope with the environment and procedures. By sharing one’s dental fear, dentists can help provide solutions or provide you with facilities that can ease your dental anxiety.

2. Finding the best dentists in your locality

It is always better to go for dentists recommended by friends or family as they might have a clear idea about the dentist’s way of handling patients. This way, you can filter out someone who can guide you and make you feel relaxed during dental procedures. Looking for a dentist who listens without judgment and cares enough to figure out how to overcome the fear of dental procedures is something you need to focus on.

3. Being precise about your fear

If you are clear about the reason for your dental anxiety, sharing them with the dentists can make you feel comfortable. It also helps dentists find ways to do the procedures according to your needs.

4. Getting familiar with dental equipment

For some people, dental equipment can be the cause of their dental anxiety. In such cases, getting acquainted with the dentist’s tools and equipment is better before starting the dental procedure.

5. Being accompanied by someone familiar

Taking someone who isn’t afraid of dentists with you and whom you can trust can help you feel relaxed during dental procedures. They can even support you during communication with the dentists.

6. Taking breaks between procedures

Taking small gaps between dental procedures is better if you feel uncomfortable or anxious. You can ask your dentist for short intervals between treatments so that you can compose yourself.

7. Distracting yourself

Some people become nervous or anxious by hearing the sounds of drills, suction tubes, and other types of equipment. One can find comfort in such situations by using noise-canceling headphones and listening to music or watching TV if available at the dentist.

8. Trying different relaxation techniques

One can try various relaxation methods, like controlling or counting the breath, meditation, etc., to comfort or relax during dental visits or procedures. You can also try methods like changing the dental chair position, using anesthesia, using nasal strips, etc., to ease discomfort.

9. Following a slow dental procedure

Rather than finishing your dental treatment process in a hurry because of your discomfort, it is always better to do it part by part. In this way, you can feel at ease each time you visit the dentist and overcome your dental phobia.

At Go Dental Clinic, we have expert dentists capable of handling nervous and anxious patients. They help you overcome your fear by giving proper instructions, sedation dentistry procedures and support based on your needs. If you are someone having dental issues but facing dental phobia, Contact us at +971 4 397 9522 and book your appointment with our dental experts.

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