Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment is a dental procedure used to treat and save an infected tooth. The procedure involves removing the damaged nerve, cleaning and disinfecting the tooth and then filling and sealing the root canal. The common causes resulting in the need for root canal treatment are cracked tooth, deep cavity, or trauma to the tooth.

At Go Dental Clinic Dubai, our Endodontist uses microscopic endodontics to provide our patients with endodontic treatment in Dubai. This modern endodontic treatment using a dental microscope provides highly accurate treatment with very high long term success rates. The entire procedure usually can be completed in one or two appointments, depending on the condition of your tooth.


When Should You Consider A Root Canal Treatment?

The pulp is made up of soft tissue that includes nerves and blood vessels. The pulp will begin to die if it’s infected by bacteria and further leads to infection causing pain and tenderness. This condition requires root canal treatment to save your tooth. The major symptoms of a pulp infection are;

  • Pain when eating or drinking hot or cold food and drink
  • Swelling of gum near the affected tooth
  • A loose tooth
  • Facial swelling

Before the root canal treatment, you will usually be given a local anesthetic. This will numb the tooth and you will be very comfortable during the entire procedure.  

At Go Dental Clinic you can expect to be made comfortable throughout your treatment in the chair. After your treatment, our Endodontist will provide you with the aftercare advice and answer any further queries you may have. With proper care, root-filled teeth may last a lifetime. Contact us today at +971 4 397 9522 or click here to Book a consultation with our expert team of dentists today!

Our Endodontist

Dr. Avinash Shama Rao is a Specialist Endodontist with more than 17 years of experience. He graduated in Endodontics from R.V Dental College and Hospital, Bangalore, India and worked as an associate professor at SJM Dental College. He has many publications in Endodontic journals to his credit. His expertise includes: Single Visit Root Canal Treatment Endodontic Retreatment Dental Management Of Pediatric and Adult Traumatic Injuries Endodontic Surgeries Aesthetic Dentistry Professional Membership: Member of the British Endodontic... Read More

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you know if you need a root canal?

The root canal treatment might be the solution if the soft pulp inside the root of a tooth is infected. Common symptoms of this problem are tooth pain, gum & tooth sensitivity or tooth discoloration. Initially, the dentist may need to take an X-Ray to determine if a root canal is necessary.

What does a root canal procedure include?

The root of the tooth is examined and the infected tissue is removed from the inside of the tooth. The inside of the tooth will be completely cleaned and filled to prevent re-contamination.

Does the root canal procedure hurt?

As with any other dental procedure, a local anaesthetic will be applied to the area around the tooth to numb the nerves and prevent pain during the procedure. 

What happens if an infected tooth is left untreated?

If a tooth infection is left untreated, it can lead to serious, sometimes dangerous infections. This is why oral hygiene is so important and if you are having any symptoms of an infected tooth/abscess you should set up a dental exam immediately.

Is having the tooth extracted an option?

You could have the infected tooth extracted, but that is not the best option. A gap between teeth due to a missing tooth can cause other teeth to shift out of proper alignment. You will experience loss of jaw bone where the tooth was as it naturally resorbs. It can also be damaging to your appearance.

Do you have to see an Endodontist or can a general dentist do the procedure?

Some dentists perform root canal procedures along with many other types of dental services such as cleanings, crowns, dentures, extractions. However, an Endodontist is a dentist who has undergone 3 years of specialization in root canal treatments. If a root canal treatment is not done properly, it can fail over a period of time and you may lose the tooth. Our endodontists use the latest technology and equipment during their procedures to make them more precise, efficient and provide better comfort for their patients while obtaining the most optimal results for each case.

According to my experience with Dr. Avinash who made my root canal & core build up, it was good. No pain and absolutely job well done.

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I have approached Go Clinic for a Root canal treatment .Dr Sandrhea and team took care the entire procedures in a very structured manner with a such a pleasing and careful approach .I must thank the team for the hospitality and completion of all procedures very conveniently. The clinic is highly recommended for any kind of dental treatment without a second thought. Thank you Dr Sandrhea for making my life so much easier as I approached the clinic with such a difficult pain and it was all resolved with utmost attention.Im thankful to Go Clinic.

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Amazing dental journey towards veneers done by Dr Avinash Rao! I've been a regular patient for few years now and Dr Rao has done all my major dental work - from impacted tooth surgery, root canal + crown and finally culminating to veneers of my 8 upper teeth and I cant be more satisfied. What I appreciated most with the veneers process was Dr. Rao did not rush with the work -- from teeth shade selection, gum alignment, shape adjustments, and very minimal shaving - ensuring that I get that perfect naturally looking smile. For life-changing dental works, you can definitely entrust it to Dr. Rao and Go Dental clinic. Highly recommended!! 😊

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