Root Canal Treatment

A Root Canal Treatment is used to repair and save a tooth that is badly decayed or becomes infected. It is the ideal dental solution to help save your existing tooth.

At Go Dental Clinic, we use the Global G6 Dental Microscope so that we can achieve the best results possible. It helps the dentist to provide you with a highly accurate diagnosis, treatment plan, and results.

What Is Root Canal Treatment (RCT)?

Root canal treatment is used to save a tooth that is severely decayed or winds up contaminated. Amid the root canal treatment, the pulp and nerve are removed and the tooth is cleaned and fixed. Without the RCT, the tissue encompassing the tooth will end up infected and abscesses might formulate. The tooth’s nerve exists in the root canal.

What Is Dental Pulp?

The dental pulp or pulp chamber is the soft area within the center of the tooth and contains the nerve, blood vessels as well as the connective tissue. The tooth’s nerve is in the “root” of the tooth. The root canals travel from the tip of the tooth’s root into the pulp chamber.

When Should You Consider A Root Canal Treatment?

  • When you have an infection in the root canal of a tooth
  • Bone loss surrounding the tip of the root
  • Drainage issues that have extended out from the root

We Use Microscopic Endodontics To Ensure That Your Root Canal Treatment Is Accurate

For a root canal treatment to be successful, the Endodontist has to treat and clean the infected tooth’s root canal properly with a high degree of precision.

It is possible for your teeth to have a single, a couple or even up to three canals each that contain pulp. It is important to note that sometimes the canal can be extremely thin, similar to a strand of hair.

The dental microscope is considered as one of the most progressive developments in Endodontics. We use the Global G6 Microscope which is one of the best in the field. This aids towards magnifying a tooth from 3x to 20x. In turn, this allows the Endodontist to identify and treat the smallest areas that are infected such as minute canals. With the help of this technology, you can achieve amazing, long-term results after the treatment is complete.

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