Dental Bridges & Crowns

Dental bridges are a good option for patients that have one or more missing teeth. A dental bridge is used to close the gap by replacing the missing tooth/teeth. Bridges are usually made of metal with porcelain or metal free zirconia.

When you first visit your dentist to get a dental bridge, the abutment teeth are prepared. This process involves reshaping the same teeth, which is done by removing a bit of enamel so that a dental crown can be placed on top of the teeth. After this is done, dental impressions of the teeth are made. These impressions are used as a model to make the dental bridge. During the time span that your bridge is being made in the dental lab, your dentist will provide you with a temporary bridge. You can wear the temporary bridge to help protect your exposed gums and teeth until you receive the new bridge.

The dentist will remove your temporary bridge during your second visit and then the new bridge will be adjusted and fitted accordingly.

The Advantages Of Dental Bridges

  • Your smile is restored
  • Your ability to chew your food properly and speak is restored
  • Helps maintain your facial structure
  • Prevents your remaining teeth from rotating or shifting out of position
  • Ensures that your bite remains intact

Dental Crowns – 5 Year Warranty Provided

A dental crown is best described as a tooth-shaped cap that is placed over your tooth. The main purpose of a dental crown is to conceal your tooth so that its size, shape, strength and appearance is restored. Ceramic or porcelain dental crowns are usually used, as they are the best in terms of matching the natural color of your teeth.

When Do You Need A Dental Crown?

Dental crowns are most suitable in the following instances:

  • To protect a weak tooth
  • To cover and support a tooth that has a large dental filling
  • To help restore a broken or worn-down tooth
  • To conceal a dental implant

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