Orthodontic Treatment

Go Dental Clinic offers specialized orthodontic treatment in Karama, Dubai. We have a well-established team of Specialist Orthodontists that cater to kids and adults.

Orthodontic Solutions For Kids

orthodontic treatment in karama
When your child turns seven years old, it is recommended to visit an Orthodontist for a check-up. Certain malocclusions require treatment to be started at an early age to prevent them from getting worse and more difficult to treat later.

Our main aim is to help your child develop a healthy set of teeth. It is important to correct a bad bite and misaligned teeth as it plays a big role towards maintaining good oral health.

Orthodontic Solutions For Adults

A crooked set of teeth can often cause one to have self-esteem issues, which leads to a lack of confidence. Orthodontic treatment in adults is extremely popular, which is why we have more adults opting to go for orthodontic solutions to help straighten their misaligned teeth and provide them with a new, beautiful and healthy smile.

Firstly, our Specialist Orthodontist will evaluate your case during your initial consultation session and then create a custom treatment plan for you. This will include a number of options, which you can go through with the Orthodontist and then decide which option is best for you and the most likely to give you the best results possible.

If you are worried about the way your teeth look with traditional braces then Invisalign could be a possible solution.

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