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Dental X-Ray – OPG (Orthopantomogram)

An OPG is a special kind of x-ray which provides a panoramic or wide view of your lower face including all of your teeth, as well as your upper and lower jaw.

Laser Dental Technology

Dentists work on more than just your teeth; they also treat soft tissue and bone supporting your teeth. Therefore, in a lot of cases, Epic X can be useful during the treatment process, as it’s very reliable and extremely effective diode laser.

Laser technology from BIOLASE is made specifically for dental applications like gum surgery and other various dental procedures, allowing dentists to complete later surgeries at a faster rate.

Additionally, it also plays a vital role towards providing pain relief – especially for any pain related to TMJ or any other kind of thermomandibular disorders.

Microscopic Endodontics
Root Canal Treatment

For a root canal treatment to be successful, the Endodontist has to treat and clean the infected tooth’s root canal properly with a high degree of precision.

It is possible for your teeth to have a single, a couple or even up to three canals each – that contain pulp. It is vital to note that sometimes the canal can be extremely thin, much like a strand of hair.


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