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Are you looking for expert pediatric dentists near Karama, Dubai? Is your child suffering from dental problems? Is your child scared of visiting the dentist? Then Go Dental Clinic is the exact location for solving your child’s dental issues. 

Go Dental Clinic provides the best dental care for kids and adolescents. We have an extraordinary team of Pediatric Dentists and dental assistants who are extremely passionate about children’s oral healthcare. Our team’s main focus is to make every dental experience educational and fun right from the time that your child first steps into our dental clinic.

We always work hard to uphold this standard at Go Dental Clinic. Our practice has the most modern dental facilities to help ensure that each child has the best possible experience during their visit with us.

Why Choose Go Dental Clinic?

  • We have highly skilled Pediatric Dentists
  • We offer IV Sedation for children that are afraid of dental procedures

Good Oral Hygiene Is Key

Cavities start because of the build-up of dental plaque, a sticky substance that develops on the surface of your child’s teeth. Plaque is generally comprised of bacteria, which feeds on sugar in food and drink, which in turn produces acid. The acid tends to attack the teeth and this results in cavities.

When children having extensive decay, the pediatric dental practitioner may suggest additional fluoride, either as tablets or drops or as a varnish painted onto your kid’s teeth. Alternatively, the pediatric dentist can seal the tooth before decay develops by applying pit and sealants on the tooth surface. Sealants are clear resin material that is painted on the surface of the tooth to protect your child’s teeth.

We highly recommend visiting our pediatric dentist every 6 months after your child’s first birthday. Regular dental visits are key to up-keeping good oral hygiene practices and making sure to keep kid’s dental problems at bay.

If you would like to book a consultation session to evaluate your child’s dental oral health status, kindly book an appointment online with us today or call us on +971 4 397 9522 for further information

Our Pediatric Dentist

Dr. Sajjad is a highly skilled Pediatric Dental Specialist with 13 years of extensive clinical experience. He holds a Masters of Dental Surgery in Pediatric Dentistry from D Y Patil University, India.  He is the author of three research textbooks published in Germany and 15 articles and scientific papers for various international journals. Six of his papers have been included on PubMed Central, at the US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health.  Dr Sajjad had a very pleasant demeanor and is very friendly with his child patients . He is well versed in using child psychology to put his patients at ease .    He is an active member of the Emirates Pediatric Dentist Club (EPDC) and International Association of Pediatric Dentistry (IAPD). He regularly... Read More

Hear What Our Patients Say

My Son Saaim Shah , after getting treatment of TEETH from Dr Sajid , said to me . Dr Sajid is so HUMBLE & Highly Skilled in his Profession . Normally Kids are scared & avoid to get SCALING on Teeth , but the WAY Dr Sajid HANDLING is too impressive . I suggest all PARENTS ,visit to Dr Sajid in case they face any issue in KIDS Teeth. Apart from that , Ms Ashmita was so HUMBLE to handle crowd at reception . She is very active & guiding people accordingly .

We are very happy with Dr. Sajjad’s service. My 7 year old daughter’s incisors had been chipped off after a fall and he did a great job of fixing it to near normal shape. It did not hurt her and we are happy to recommend him.

My first experience going to Go Dental Karama was excellent. During Covid, taking the claustrophobic lift in not such a great building entrance, I had my doubts about the place but once we reached the clinic, the place was very nicely maintained. They even had everyone wear the shoe cover which added another layer of protection to maintain hygiene. Dr. Sajjad who also happens to be my school buddy did the teeth cleaning for me. I genuinely felt great not just because of the results but also because he took the effort by doing it in great detail & with a lot of patience. Post cleanup he also showed a video explaining the best brushing techniques to maintain ahead. Would surely recommend. Happy to have visited there. Excellent place & a job well done. Keep it up guys!!!

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