5 Myths about Root Canal Treatment


Root canal treatment is a dental procedure done to remove the pulp from the tooth when it gets infected. By doing so, the dentist will remove the cause of pain and infection to maintain the tooth in the jaw. You may have heard a few stories about root canals, which may give you unnecessary anxieties thinking about the procedure. To help you find out whether it is reasonable to fear this dental procedure, let us check out facts from fiction. Here are some myths and truths about root canal treatment. 

MYTH #1: A root canal is one of the painful dental procedures around.

FACT: When people think about root canals, the first thing that comes to mind is pain. The truth is that root canal treatments don’t cause pain! Using the latest dental advancements, root canals are no more painful than any simple dental procedures like having a tooth filling done. Root canal treatments work to eliminate the pain caused by the infected tooth. Your dentist will use a local anesthetic to numb the tooth and the surrounding area. That way, you don’t feel a thing! The pain that people fear from this procedure is often brought about by the fact that pain is already present.

MYTH #2: A root canal is a procedure that kills your tooth.

FACT: Root canals are designed to save the infected tooth by removing diseased pulp from the inside of the tooth along with the bacteria that causes pain. The treatment allows the tooth to heal from the infection. The dentist will then seal off the tooth to prevent bacteria from going back into the canals and to further protect the tooth from a recurrent infection. This procedure essentially saves the tooth, even if it is dead.

MYTH #3: An extraction is better than a root canal.

FACT: While extraction is less expensive and time-consuming than a root canal procedure, it is not considered better in most situations. A successful root canal can restore the tooth for a lifetime. For example, if your lower first molar is removed, your upper first molar may start “dropping” into the space and your lower second molar may start shifting forward. Having your teeth shift subsequently can contribute to jaw (TMJ) pain. Your dentist will carefully assess your situation and help you make your decision about what treatment is best for you.

MYTH #4: Root canals require numerous visits to the dentist.

FACT: With recent advancement in technology, most of the root canal procedures are usually completed in a single visit. However, there are still about 10% of cases where the procedure takes 2 visits. This is usually the case when the tooth has a massive infection or abcess. The number of visits for a root canal treatment is very subjective and depends upon each patient’s case, condition of the tooth, and the amount of infection.

MYTH #5: You will only need a root canal when your teeth hurt

FACT: Although severe pain is an indication that a root canal maybe required, it does not need to be a factor all the time. Some teeth need this procedure even when pain is not present! When the tooth has no blood supply, it will be discolored and become dark/grey. Your dentist may surprise you with a recommendation for a root canal after a routine check-up if they find that you have a non-vital tooth that needs to be treated. 

Root Canal Treatment has been highly refined in modern times and many of the myths are based on old truths left over from the era when pioneering methods were used. Our expert team of dentists are highly trained and have performed numerous successful root canals with the most cutting-edge techniques and technologies including Advanced Microscopes, along with CBCT scans and X-rays to ensure the highest success rates. For more details, make sure to contact Go Dental Clinic on +971 4 397 9522 or by clicking here.

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