Damon Braces

The Damon® system is extremely comfortable and provides faster results compared to traditional braces. This is because it is self-ligating and uses very light forces to move your teeth into place. For most cases, tooth extractions, headgear and expanders are not required. Damon braces provides patients with a fuller, wider smile.

Damon® System

Damon braces utilize a unique nickel-titanium metal alloy to ensure that your treatment is comfortable. It is a revolutionary and innovative method of treating orthodontic patients – This is evident in the superior results achieved. The advantages of the Damon® system are as follows:

  • Easy to clean and maintain good oral hygiene practices as ligatures are not required.
  • Eliminates the need for elastic or metal ties which means you do not need to undergo any tightening throughout your treatment process.
  • Less adjustments required as the light high-technology shape-memory wires tend to move the teeth at a faster rate.
  • Damon Ceramic braces are more inconspicuous which helps patients feel more confident and less self-conscious when smiling.
  • Usually, no tooth extractions are required.
  • The braces are computer designed which aids towards achieving straighter, less crowded and less crooked teeth.
  • Better facial balance and aesthetics.

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