Benefits of Intraoral Scanning in Dental Practice

Intraoral scanning as an adequate replacement for conventional dental impressions has transformed the dental profession. With the help of this cutting-edge technology, dentists may take precise 3D photographs of a patient’s mouth, which has several advantages for both patients and dental professionals.

Improved Accuracy and Precision

Dental impressions may be taken with unmatched accuracy and precision using intraoral scanning. The method eliminates the possible inaccuracies and distortions associated with conventional impressions by taking precise 3D photographs of the teeth and gums. Since restorations like crowns or aligners fit better due to the greater precision, patient satisfaction, and treatment results are enhanced.

Enhanced Patient Comfort

Traditional dental impressions sometimes entail using impression trays filled with a putty-like substance, which can be uncomfortable for some patients and cause them to gag. Intraoral scanning considerably improves the patient experience by doing away with messy imprints. The portable intraoral scanner swiftly and painlessly obtains pictures, reducing patient discomfort and anxiety.

Time Efficiency

Both dental professionals and patients benefit from the time savings that intraoral scanning provides. Since scanning takes far less time than conventional impressions, dentists may treat more patients daily. Digital scans may also be sent instantly to dental laboratories, reducing the need for shipping and speeding up the creation of dental restorations. Shorter treatment times and a more simplified patient dental experience result from this time efficiency.

Increased Patient Engagement

The use of intraoral scanning technology involves people in their dental care. Patients may view their teeth and gums in real time because dentists can visually present the 3D photos on a screen. This graphic depiction aids in improved patient comprehension and allows for more informed conversations about available treatments and anticipated results. As a result of feeling more active and in control of their dental care decisions, more engaged patients report higher satisfaction levels.

Digital Treatment Planning

Digital treatment planning may be included in dental practices thanks to intraoral scanning. Dental professionals may accurately arrange restorative surgeries or orthodontic treatments using digital imprints to construct manipulable virtual models. By improving communication between the dental team, dental laboratories, and experts, digital treatment planning leads to more predictable and effective treatment outcomes.

Improved Case Documentation

A patient’s oral health is entirely and accurately documented by digital images generated by intraoral scanning. Since these digital documents are readily available, there is no need for physical storage, which lowers the possibility of loss or destruction. Digital records may also be easily connected with other software and technologies used in dental offices, such as electronic health records, to streamline record administration and promote continuity of treatment.

Environmental Friendliness

Eco-friendly dental procedures are promoted through intraoral scanning. The digital nature of intraoral scanning reduces the need for physical storage of models and impression materials, making dental practices more environmentally friendly and sustainable.

Intraoral scanning in dental practices has revolutionized patient care and offers several advantages for patients and dental practitioners. Intraoral scanning has developed into a crucial tool for assuring the best treatment outcomes and a more pleasurable dental experience for patients, thanks to improvements in accuracy, patient comfort, time efficiency, and treatment planning. At Go Dental Clinic our expert team of dental specialists provides advanced dental treatments, including an intraoral scanning for a detailed analysis of your dental condition before proceeding with the treatment. If you have dental issues and want to book an appointment with our expert dentists, call us at +971 4 397 9522.

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