Where To Get an Affordable Root Canal Treatment


If you have serious pain in your teeth while eating, sensitivity to hot or cold or notice tenderness and swelling around your gums, this may be a sign that you need a root canal treatment.

Root canal treatments are an important dental procedure, as they treat and repair a terribly decayed, damaged or infected tooth, restoring it to its natural form.  For this treatment to be successful, a significant degree of precision is required to save the tooth and mitigate the need for extraction.

So, when considering where to get an affordable root canal treatment, you should know exactly what the treatment entails and which dental professional is best to perform it.

What is a Root Canal Treatment?

Inside the center of every tooth there is a space called the pulp chamber.  This soft area holds the tooth’s pulp, nerve endings and a blood supply.  When a tooth becomes damaged or decayed, the pulp inside gets infected, which will lead to great pain and discomfort.

If left untreated, the infection will continue to grow, causing an abscessed tooth.  The buildup of pus (bacterial fluid) increases, creating a drainage channel in the bone leading to the gums, forming a blister, which could seep into the skin of the face.  This bacterial growth can also cause swelling in the face and neck, discolored or loose teeth, extremely painful and swollen gums and bad breath.  Any further negligence to the tooth will lead to extraction if it is beyond salvageable.

Prior to a root canal procedure, the infected tooth is isolated using rubber dam, which is a thin sheet of latex that is used to isolate the tooth during surgery and establish a safe zone.  Using a rubber dam is considered the gold standard of care in root canal treatment because of the advantages it offers with regard to infection control and patient protection from aspiration or swallowing of harmful chemicals.  It also improves treatment efficacy because of the clean field and complete isolation of the tooth being treated.

Once the tooth is isolated, an opening is made to completely remove the infected pulp and nerves, the cavity is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected, and then sealed with a filling material, hence saving the tooth from extraction.

The Right Specialist and Technology 

For a root canal treatment to be successful, precision is key.  Oftentimes, teeth have more than one root canal, all containing infected pulp, which can make the treatment more difficult.  These canals are very small and thin, with each canal needing to be meticulously cleaned out and filled in order to properly save the tooth.

Prior to the procedure, the patient will undergo x-rays to show the severity of infection and show the detailed anatomy of the tooth’s root structure.

A Specialist Endodontist is the recommended dental professional to carry out a root canal treatment, as their sole job is to treat patients with infected root canals.  They spend multiple additional years after dental school learning how to effectively diagnose, treat and save a natural tooth with the highest success rates.  By using a special surgical microscope that enhances the tooth up to twenty times, even the smallest of root canals can be observed and treated, allowing them to carry out their work with ease.  Only a Specialist Endodontist uses up-to-date technology and has an overall attention to the right diagnosis and treatment plan to ensure the success and effectiveness of this procedure.

Affordability and Saving Money in the Long Term

When researching where to get an affordable root canal treatment, make sure you do not take quality of treatment for granted, as it may lead to further complications down the line.

Look for a Specialist Endodontist that can provide quality dental care at an affordable rate.  Call their clinic and inquire about the technology they use, and ask if there is a free consultation in order to meet the doctor and ask questions.  Professionals who are right for you will answer all your queries and guide you regarding the treatment and its associated cost.

Do note that the cost will vary based on the qualification of the dental professional, as Endodontists could charge slightly higher rates in comparison to a General Dentist, who may also perform root canal treatments.  However, quality of dental care is truly what determines whether or not you have made the best use of your money, and will also determine if the treatment is successful and will not lead to further problems in the future.

Before getting any treatment, you should always get preliminary assessments. These will reveal the severity of your individual case.  In light of this information as well as your overall research, you can choose the right clinic for yourself.

At Go Dental, saving your natural tooth is our first priority when treating root canal treatments.  If you are experiencing any pain and discomfort or have noticeable signs of infection, please Contact Us on 04-397-9522 to book a consultation with our Specialist Endodontist or click here.

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